What’s Left Over Wednesday


Wednesday posts will feature my whatsleftover.artfire.com shop.

Handmade remade vintage necklace in brass with enamel bluebird

Vintage 80s Charmant enamel belt buckle

FALL SWIRL Handmade necklace with vintage acrylic beada

I’ve had my What’s Left Over shop(s) for several years. On Artfire and on Etsy. They used to be my shops to sell the supplies left over from my creative endeavors. I respect that Artfire has made the move to focus on makers and small suppliers, so I’ve stopped selling in my What’s Left Over Etsy shop, and the Artfire shop has transitioned into vintage jewelry and creations made with pieces from new and/or vintage broken jewelry. It also includes creations made with supplies that may be limited qty., so all items in the shop can be considered OOAK. I’ve noted the style as quirky and so far the designs have been fairly simple. Surprisingly, I don’t have as much broken jewelry as I thought I had, or as I started out with when my jewelry making journey begin 8 years ago. There is likely to be a larger section of vintage pieces, and many of those will come from my personal collection as I purge.

Artfire is a Tucson-based company, so I am also showing support for my local economy. I appreciate you taking the time to read this post and visiting the shop if you are interested. I’ve put up a collage of some of the current pieces listed. My goal is to have at least nine new pieces up each week. Let me know what you think!

Love kismet,

Stephanie ,


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