Why the new website?

That seems like a good question to answer. I wanted one location to consolidate posts and information regarding updates in all of my separate shops (including direct links to to products featured in photos). Eventually there will be a consolidation that will allow you to shop directly from one website under LoveKismetDesigns.

I have created separate shops in the past because I feel that my designs and creations in each one appeal to a different clientele. DollKismet is jewelry designed for dolls, literal dolls, and meant for the adult doll collector. BoutiqueKismet.com is my jewelry and accessories designed for the romantic. PaperKismet.com was created to focus on offering digital and physical products that would appeal to planner lovers and papercrafters. I didn’t know how to merge these (and a couple of other shops I have – vintage jewelry and graphic art – into one cohesive site. They all represent my eclectic design aesthetic and erratic productivity, so I decided that an eventual consolidation would make sense.

I hope this post makes sense, and that you find this a fun place to perhaps see and shop for items you might not have noticed previously. It would be like kismet! 😉

Love kismet,



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